So it is on again: The planning for AW19 buyings. We have started booking meetings for AW19 collection presentations from all our brands and we are of course excited to show you all the goodies that will come for the next fall and winter season. This time, we will also have the full range of our new lifestyle brand Lavender & Lillie. 

We really hope that the collections and the presentations will inspire you!


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The wonderful scarf season!

Winter IS coming. Always and every year. Crispy mornings and cold air, making the scarf as a necessary, although also fashionable accessory to your outfit.

BellaBallou find their inspiration in a wonderful combination of trends in time and the encounter with different cultures on our travels around the world.  The history of BellaBallou started in 2008, after a great fascination by the amazing process of extracting silk, ranging from the small and insignificant cocoon to the finest silk. This led to creating a unique, personalised and exclusive accessory brand for women of all ages.

Always made with love & care.

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Lavender & Lillie - the perfect gift!

We love Lavender & Lillie and feel passionate about their products. In fact, we are rather proud of them. We think you will love them too. Why don’t you try them yourself? Experience the luxurious quality and style of our products. Choose from four different fragrances which are made from high quality ingredients and made in cooperation with perfume houses in order to obtain multi-layered fragrances that are both inspirational and aspirational. 

The Lavender & Lillie cosmetics cleanse, moisturise and nourish, with high quality ingredients and beneficial extracts that are great for the skin.

Lavender and Lillie also really thought about the design of our products. Commissioned illustrations make unique design and the packaging is nothing but outstanding! The home fragrances are coming in handmade porcelain containers with individually crafted lilies on their lids. Lavender & Lillie to stand out from the crowd, and have created products that are both chic and fun.

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